7 years ago, I realized that my true desire is creating. The urge to make something of my own and working with my hands was burning in me. I left my genetic engineering studies and started designing ZENDIGI’s very first collection, which turned out to be my entry ticket to the textile design department at Shenkar school, where I met Alon. Zendigi is our love story. The story where passion, partnership, and love - became one.

ZENDIGI is a Persian word that describes life, in the aspect of our being and existence; the different parts of our life, tangible and emotional, that together completes the puzzle of life. The inspiration to the unique language of Zendigi is drawn from our everyday life. Therefore, when we thought of a name for our brand, "Zendigi" was the natural choice - because it describes qualities and feelings, which make each person unique. Through our collections we have been able to translate these strong feeling and emotions into lines, colours, and shapes.

The collection of ideas, experiences, and people in our lives created together a new language, called Urban Elegant. Like the various every-day experiences that do not repeat themselves - each one of our collections is produced in small and limited quantities, in order to maintain a constant renewal and a more innovative and intriguing design - both timeless and trendy.

Ever since, we couldn’t stop trying new ways to mix and combine between style and functionality, between street fashion and uncompromising quality, between relationships and work - where each of us completes the other, and together we make each other's dreams come true.

Welcome to our life. Welcome to Zendigi.

Oshri & Alon